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Online Therapy
Online Therapy
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Unlike other online therapy websites, PASS enables you to meet face-to-face with your therapist/clients enabling a new world of possibilities.

Online Therapist, Online Counseling and Online Therapy

Online Therapy provides you with convenient access and more choices to help you get well.

Committing to in-person therapy may be impossible, impractical or simply undesirable. The solution? Join PASS to access a qualified therapist online and pursue the happiness that you deserve. Find out why Online Therapy can help you with:

Benefits of Online Therapy
through PASS

PASS membership wins you easy access to great resources to help you get well.

Save Time & Stress

Choose your therapist from our nationwide roster, and book your online counseling session.

Enjoy Quality Guidance

PASS verifies that our online therapists are professional and licenses are genuine and current.

Save Money

Straightforward billing means that you only pay for time spent in online therapy – and not one minute more.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Our strict policies ensure that personal and payment information remains totally secure. We are PCI compliant.

Get the Help & Support You Need

Join PASS now to connect with online therapists, members and resources that can move you forward towards the life you deserve.


Are you a Therapist? Give Support to Those In Need

Connect with people that are in need of therapy with our online system that will connect you to your members easily and efficiently.