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It doesnt matter where you bring you along.

21/03/2011 10:35AM

How many people do you know that are always "if' or "whening'....if i had more money, if I could travel more, when I get the big job for XXX. Everything in life today makes them unhappy and they are doing what I call “awfullizing:


Many people pin their happiness on something in the future, few people have the ability to look at the present, the now,  the here and now, this immediate moment.

We’ve been trained to always look ahead and then soon we are living ahead and its all the same pattern again, we are looking forward to having something different happen and are not happy with the here and now.


Soon life passes you by and this has been who you are and how you cope.


Most people living this way are established in unhealthy patterns particularly of anger and depression.

You can change and stop your pattern now.

When you feel like being angry and kicking the door, you can stop, you can breathe deep, look deep inside, do something unpredictable and different, go for a walk and look at why you are angry.

Chances are you are angry at yourself and have learned to project out your anger to control others around you. This pattern is scary and unhealthy and becomes well embedded, but it can change.

Perhaps when you are angry you clam up, you refuse to talk, you shut down emotionally. This is unhealthy as well, the person who refuses to talk, who won’t communicate holds all the power and control in the relationship as you cannot move forward without talking and negotiating issues forward so you keep yourself and the relationship stuck on hold. No emotional growth can occur when you are in a holding silent pattern.

Learning as a couple to work together, to learn new techniques can be fun, invigorating and make your life into one where you can appreciate the here and now and stay focused on today’s life not going down the road into always looking for something better. Not projecting blame onto the other partner .

Learn to take responsibility for your own behaviour.OWN IT. Learn to appreciate who you are and your good self.

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