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Anger and Depression: Two ways we may cover up our feelings

22/03/2011 02:23PM


Anger and Depression: Two ways we may cover up our feelings

We often hear about anger and depression being closely related.  On an emotional spectrum, anger may be preferable to depression.  It tends to make us talk more and this gives a better chance to verbalize the feelings that may be covered up with depression.

There is a good chance that the two may even be the same disappointment and hurt, but simply aimed at ourselves, or aimed outwardly to others.

Often depression and anger are just easier than facing an ultimate truth that is being hidden.  Almost like a distraction from a fear, a rejection, a loss, a disappointment, or a feeling about ourselves which is too painful to explore fully, so it’s guarded carefully and covered up.

Frequently in therapy when the roots of the anger and depression are explored and discussed, the feelings of anger diminish, and the feelings of depression seem to lift.  Talk therapy,  as psychotherapy is often called, can help by providing a safe place to process our deepest and scariest thoughts.  When they are shared with another person and new perspective is gained, it’s amazing how your mind can let go, and find a peaceful landing place.

Most of our fears and negative feelings are not real.  They usually are based on perceptual confusion.  Our minds can be introduced to an idea (real or not) and the mind can take in the suggestion and hold it to be an ultimate truth.  When that happens, someone can build his or her perceptions on a mistake. 

If you find yourself feeling frequent anger or depression, it might be good to discuss it with a therapist, to find out what you may be hiding, even from yourself.  A part of you knows what causes the pain.  When you are finally able to express it, you’ll find it can lose its power over you. Your moods may become better very rapidly.  

If you’d like to try a Video Session, please set up an appointment for us to talk.  

I look forward to working with you to make life better.

Dr. Judith Allen, LMFT, LPC, AAMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist -Licensed Professional Counselor-Clinical Member AAMFT – APMHA - ISMHO

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