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Most people do not like the idea of taking medication... It can be reminder (we think) that there really is something wrong that needs to be corrected rather than, perhaps, an organic dysfunction that is primarily genetic.

I am often asked about the use and belief structure regarding pharmaceutical medications for depression and/or anxiety. The litmus test I include in my questioning cover many areas... the first of which is physiological.

What is your medical/family history? Has there been or is there evidence of depression or anxiety in other family members? i.e. siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents...
Have you had a complete physical yourself? There are many medical imbalances that can contribute to the way you are feeling, particularly in areas where you may feel less able to cope and manage your life in an effective manner.

If you are dealing with an organic/genetic issue then it may be that you have already been trying many different ways to manage the "problem" and yet still struggle. You may have read "solutions" on the internet, in books... talked to others suffering, or with therapists or counsellors... still with no desired outcome.

This suggests that the "solution" is not to be found in additional information or the "right" therapist. It may be that medication may also be helpful and the idea should be explored with your physician or naturopath to help re-balance the genetic issues so that therapy will be more effective.

Try the differing perspective that the issues you are dealing with may have an organic or physiological component and is not part of who you really are, it is not your identity, although I know many of my clients initially identify with it in this way. i.e. I'm a depressed or anxious person as opposed to a person with depression or anxiety.

Medication may, for some people, be a contributing factor to allowing you feel more able to focus on making the beneficial changes you want in your life. Check your resistance if this has been suggested to you and at least allow yourself to consider the idea as a possibility.
Medication is not "the answer", it is not a happy pill, it will not do the therapeutic work required on its own, however, it can be the additional alteration required. I suggest that you work with a therapist first to help you identify and begin to address the obvious concerns. If you find that you are not able to create the appropriate changes, it may be an indication that medication will help.

If you have questions, speak with your doctor or contact me...
Until later,
Leland Clipperton, H.S.C.

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