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Benefits of PASS Online Therapy.

PASS welcomes you into our friendly, non-judgmental social network. Enjoy easy access to a wide array of qualified therapists who can help. Connect with others who face challenges similar to yours. Receive and provide valued support. Form lasting friendships. Modern, interactive tools make your participation in PASS exciting and rewarding.

Access a therapist any time of the day or night. Simply log in, choose a therapist and schedule a 30 - 60 or longer session. No need to travel anywhere, book time off work or make any fuss – an appointment easily fits into your day, no matter your lifestyle.

The PASS social network is 100% free – you pay only for the therapy that you receive. Often, a short session is all that you may require – and you'll never be charged more than you receive. Web cam, email and chat technologies enhance the efficiency of your therapy sessions.

Breathe easy knowing that we will never share your information with a third party. Your payment information is likewise protected to the highest industry standard. Prefer not to be seen by your therapist? Chat-style therapy is an ideal alternative to our web camera interface.

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Committing to in-person therapy may be impossible, impractical or simply undesirable. The solution: join PASS to access a qualified therapist online and pursue the happiness that you deserve.

Online Therapy provides consumers with convenient access and more choices to help you get well.

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